“Characterizing” the Workplace: Using Character Strengths to Create Sustained Success

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By Neal Mayerson Introduction Organizations cannot succeed in a sustained manner with only 1 in 5 of its employees fully engaged and motivated and with 1 in 5 employees either dreading work or wishing they could just stay at home instead (Asplund, Lopez, Hodges, & Harter, 2007; VIA Institute, 2015). Business is a human enterprise in which multiple people come together to produce value for … [Read more...]

Leadership Strengths


Positional and situational leadership As any successful leader will say, it is important to know thyself – to know one’s strengths and how to use them in managing or leading a group of people toward a common mission or goal. This is particularly important for “positional leaders” who have a role at their company to manage a group of people. The more that these positional leaders can bring forth … [Read more...]

VIA Strengths at Work

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The VIA Institute on Character joined up with workplace well-being expert and best-selling author, Michelle McQuaid, to check on the progress American workers are making in identifying and leveraging their strengths at work. 1,000 employees across the country, ranging in age from 18 to 55, were randomly surveyed to see if attitudes towards developing workplace strengths have changed significantly … [Read more...]

Applying VIA Strengths at Westin Hotels


Both Shannon Polly and Jeremy McCarthy earned Masters Degrees in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Here, they worked together with The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa which had decided to change the way that the hospitality industry works. Over two days, they helped 100 front-of-house associates spend time focusing on their individual and collective strengths, … [Read more...]

The Confidence to Coach

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    When Carol Kauffman was recently contacted by a Fortune 500 Company to “Help keep us from firing this person!” she knew exactly what she needed to do – rely on her strengths. As one of the most sought-after coaches in the world, Carol frequently faces high level/high stakes clients who could easily intimidate the best of coaches. From the first introduction, she’s keenly aware of the … [Read more...]

Crafting Team Tasks Around Strengths

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Summary: In an effort to create a stronger team, Manuela Schmid knew she would need to help her staff feel valued, engaged and energized. She relied on the VIA survey results to reach this goal. Through creative use of a visual display of everyone’s strengths, she was able to launch lively discussions about task management, develop strategies to maximize strengths and pinpoint areas where … [Read more...]

Strengths-Based Leadership

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Interview with Megan Dalla-Camina, Director of Strategy for IBM in Australia and New Zealand, where she is also responsible for Organizational Culture and Change and Gender Diversity. Megan is Executive Sponsor of the Positive Leadership Program. 1. Why did IBM A/NZ (Australia/NZ) go down the strengths-based leadership path? We were impressed by the overwhelming research that has emerged … [Read more...]

Shifting Focus

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Whether you run a small, family owned business or a large publicly traded corporation, much of your success stems from keeping your employees content, motivated and committed. So, what happens when you’re the person responsible for this very task, yet continually feel your efforts aren’t really working? … [Read more...]

Building Teams with VIA – Springboard Program

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The VIA survey has become a pivotal tool for Springboard, a highly successful, multi-faceted personal development program used by Impact International in Australia. The program brings together colleagues from various Lend Lease international sites and offices to work together on a service project for four days with a local community agency. It includes the blended components of strengths-based … [Read more...]

Sustainable Strengths Camps for Kids


When Mary Judd was asked to program a summer camp for kids at a local farm/orchard, she asked herself four questions: 1. What strengths does the farm have? 2. What strengths do I have? 3. What strengths do the kids bring to camp? 4. How can I combine these strengths to create a program with the greatest impact? These questions formed the framework for a camp filled with pleasure, … [Read more...]