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Research shows that VIA character strengths can be used to address a variety of life challenges and achieve positive personal and professional outcomes. Use your VIA character strengths to help you:

Study after study, across cultures, shows that Zest, Hope and Love are the strengths most connected with Happiness. A popular exercise to use your top strengths in a new way has been shown to increase well-being and decrease depression.

Be Happier

The recognition and appreciation of your relationship partner's character strengths is connected with better relationships and more commitment to one's partner. And, strengths endorsement and strengths deployment are related to relationship satisfaction.

Strengthen Relationships

Character strengths are connected with resilience and buffer people from vulnerabilities that can lead to depression and anxiety, such as the need for approval and perfectionism.

Manage Problems

Researchers have found that people who use their character strengths experience a higher level of self-esteem and self-efficacy which means that people feel good about themselves along with a sense of self-confidence and self-assuredness.

Boost Confidence

In two workplace samples character strengths were connected with improved coping with work stress and with a decrease in the negative effects of stress.

Reduce Stress

The use of signature strengths has been connected with individuals making greater progress on their goals. In another study, perseverance was the strength most associated with productivity and least associated with counter-productive work behaviors.

Accomplish Goals

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Individuals: Empower Yourself

Whether you are pursuing an important goal, at a crossroads in your life, or just interested in learning more about what's best in you, VIA can provide you with the tools you need to live your best life.

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Professionals: Empower Others

From the classroom to the board room, VIA offers tools and resources to equip you with the expertise you need to bring out the best in others.

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New breakthroughs in the science of character have uncovered exciting possibilities for impacting performance, life satisfaction and managing life issues.  VIA’s reports, courses and resources help you unlock the potential.

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The perfect complement to the free VIA Survey results, VIA Reports provide insights, practices and resources that map out how to achieve a more optimal, engaged, and positively fulfilled life. Purchase for yourself or use with your clients and employees.

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Whether you are a strengths novice or a seasoned practitioner, VIA Courses provide strategies and solutions to reach your maximum potential. You'll be equipped with the skills you need to begin your own journey, and to guide others on their path to empowerment.

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Resource Center

Organized by areas of interest and format, the VIA's Resource Center provides free resources to help individuals work with their strengths and to support professionals in delivering high quality, strengths-based services to their clients, employees, colleagues and students.

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One Question That Will Help With Your Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss is a goal that many individuals have, and often times, struggle with. There are many different fad diets, weight loss pills, workout routines, etc. that work, but for a lot of us, the weight loss is temporary. Here is a new question to ask yourself before starting your next workout/diet/health plan and how your innate character traits can help. Read more here

The Results from the 2016 Strengths Challenge are in!

In March of this year, we teamed up with workplace well-being expert, Michelle McQuaid, and the lifestyle publication, LiveHappy, to challenge individuals to utilize their strengths to find more engagement at work. For those who did the Strengths Challenge, we found it generally increased levels of flourishing, along with knowledge, engagement and use of their strengths. Read the report here and plan to join us for the next Strength Challenge in September!

VIA character strengths at the heart of new programs at local schools

We are proud to partner with the Mayerson Academy to create fun and engaging resources for bringing character strengths into the classroom. The impact that a character education can have on students AND teachers/administrators is astounding! Read how a local school is already seeing the benefits here.

Me at My Best Video

Your character strengths allow you to be your best self. Learning your top strengths and then applying those strengths to your daily life can boost happiness, improve the way you interact with your family, and help you as you pursue hobbies and goals. Learn more with this brief video on how character strengths bring out the best in all of us. Watch now

The VIA survey immediately provided me a new way to view myself and others more accurately and fully.

- Mary, Educator

To see others light up when they discover their strengths, then realize the potential that lies within, is one of the most gratifying parts of my work.

- John, Executive Coach