Practitioner Tools

To support our mission of advancing both the science and practice of character, we work with practitioners all over the world to create strengths-based tools that will help professionals use character strengths to improve the lives of others. We appreciate the great work of these affiliates! A portion of the sales of these products is donated back to the VIA Institute. 


Panda Planner VIA


Panda Planner VIA is a daily planner that will train you to use and develop your character strengths to improve your life. This planner seamlessly weaves character strengths activities and prompts into monthly, weekly, and daily sections so you can align all of your tasks and goals with your strengths. Reduce stress, find better balance, and activate the qualities that help you perform at your best with this breakthrough positive psychology tool. Buy here


Positive Psychology Toolkit


The Positive Psychology Toolkit is a science-based, online platform containing 120+ exercises, activities, interventions, questionnaires, assessments and scales to be used for training, coaching, teaching and leadership. This comprehensive toolkit provides you with the background, goals, resources and detailed descriptions for activities and interventions in 14 topic areas, including communication, coping, strengths, happiness and resilience. Learn more here!


Strength Clusters™ Mat


The Strengths ClustersTM Mat is a powerful learning tool set that serves as a bridge to enhance connection and understanding of VIA Character Strengths through multi-sensory pathways and meaningful group experiences. Ideal for coaches, therapists and educators, this tool comes in English and Spanish and provides endless opportunities for interaction and connection. Learn more here!


Positive Turn Board Game


Positive Turn is the first of its kind positive psychology board game, designed as a fun, interactive and educational tool to explore character strengths, featuring 4+ ways to play, unique tools like strength cards, positive inquiry questions and more. Ideal for HR, coaches, therapists and educators, you can practice in small and intimate groups, even when delivering a large workshop. Positive Turn promotes team building, opens up the most “reserved” personalities, and fosters positive feelings. The “Positive Turn” game encourages people to connect, identify and explore their own potential. Learn more here!


Woven: A strengths approach to building high-performing teams


Woven is a book designed for new and existing team managers and team-leaders that aims to “give-everything-away” and provide the manager with a fully explained approach to developing team-performance using a well-grounded and researched strengths-based approach. The programme builds over a period of 9-months, with activities and workshops each month. The overall investment of time is low, and the results spectacular. The approach can cater for changes in team makeup. The approach has been tested and refined over the last decade with hundreds of teams, and is given away, thereby keeping with the underpinning philosophy of strengths-thinking and intended to help make worklife more positive and connected. It has been developed by a practitioner with over 30-years of strengths-based practice. Learn more here!