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Whether you’re exploring for personal or professional reasons, VIA has a variety of resources specially designed to help you advance on your journey.  Our research-based reports, informative and engaging online courses, personalized professional pages, and practical tools in the “VIA Resource Center” will provide you with what you need to live your best life and bring out the best in others.

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Our most important tool - Take the VIA Survey to discover your unique character strengths profile. By completing the 10-15 minute VIA Survey you are providing the information we need to create your personalized in-depth VIA Reports.


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The VIA Survey provides the eye-opening awareness of your strengths, then it’s the VIA Reports that help you to live and breathe these innate personality traits. Choose a detailed report or get your entire Strengths Suite at a discounted rate.


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The content and materials in the VIA trainings are based on the latest scientific research. Our experts have scoured the studies and have distilled and curated the most impactful research into these online courses in an approachable and engaging format. Register and get started immediately.

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Create your personalized VIA Pro page to easily receive immediate and secure access to your client's, students’ and employees’ VIA Survey results and in-depth reports. Bulk pricing available.

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Resource Center

Watch. Listen. Read. EXPERIENCE... the impact of positive psychology and character strengths around the world. Our Strengths in Action Center focuses on the practice of this work. Discover articles to help you explore character strengths, view inspirational videos, and learn from others, just like you, embarking on and flourishing on their own strength journeys.

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