Professionals: Empower Others

Why work with character strengths?

Knowing someone’s character strengths allows you to:

  • build a better relationship with them
  • help them create and make progress on meaningful goals
  • reframe issues and conflicts from a positive perspective
  • guide them to find more happiness, balance and fulfillment

Why set-up a free VIA Pro Site to use in your work with others?

  • Get immediate access to their VIA Survey results. Learn their character strengths with our scientific survey.
  • Purchase research-based, in-depth Reports based on their VIA Survey results.
  • View a spreadsheet that shows their raw character strength scores. Download a de-identified list of scores for everyone who takes the Survey from your Pro site.
  • Create teams and generate Team Reports. Combine the results of the VIA Survey into a comprehensive analysis of a groups’ strengths.

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