Character Strengths at Work: Using Strengths to Engage Employees, Clients and Students

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Formerly called Activating Strengths: Exploring Strengths Applications and Interventions

There are countless research articles that highlight the benefits of promoting character strengths in the workplace. When individuals are aware of their strengths, and have the opportunity to use them within their work or school day, they are happier and more engaged. Many organizations all over the world are already using a strengths-based approach and they are seeing an increase in productivity and improvements in the overall company culture.

With all of the articles and information on positive psychology, the first step can seem daunting. You might be asking yourself, “where do I begin?”. We’ve tailored this course to answer that question. Our online, comprehensive training is designed to equip and prepare professionals that are interested in integrating character strengths into their work with clients, students and/or employees.

This professional development course is convenient for all schedules and time zones. Lectures are recorded each week and sent to every registrant, so you are not required to attend live at the specified time. This training provides 7 International Coaching Federation and American Psychological Association Continuing Education credits. 


Week 1-All Things VIA- This class explores the history of VIA character strengths and the reason they are known as the “backbone of positive psychology”. 

Week 2- Signature Strengths- In this class, Dr. Ryan Niemiec discusses the latest research around the importance of top character strengths and strategies for employing them.

Week 3-The Golden Mean- This class is about finding the right balance of character strengths use- detailing the PERMA model of well-being and the areas of strength overuse and underuse.

Week 4-Action During Consults- Dr. Niemiec focuses on putting knowledge into action in this week’s class. Learn hands-on strategies for introducing character strengths to your work with others.

Week 5-A Working Model- This class reviews in detail an effective model for working with character strengths known as: Aware-Explore-Apply.

Week 6-Life Problems- In this class, Dr. Niemiec discusses the different ways to use character strengths when facing difficult or challenging circumstances.

Week 7-Best Applications- The final class dives into strength applications and interventions that you can begin employing immediately with your clients, students and employees.



WHEN: Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. EST

WHERE: Online Only







Course Faculty:

Dr. Ryan M. Niemiec, VIA's Education Director, is co-author of Positive Psychology at the Movies: Using Films to Build Virtues and Character Strengths and Movies and Mental Illness: Using Films to Understand Psychopathology. Ryan is a licensed psychologist and a certified coach.  Dr. Niemiec  develops VIA's courses and Interpretive Reports. He uses the VIA Character Strengths extensively in clinical work, coaching and  consulting. He has presented internationally on a variety of positive psychology topics, ranging from strengths-based practice, positive assessment and positive interventions, to spirituality and mindfulness

Next Training:

This course paves the way to the interactive, intermediate course: Character Strengths at Work- Part 2: Advanced Practice. After you learn about latest character strength strategies, practice using these applications with the guided support of 2 VIA experts.


APA: The VIA Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The VIA Institute on Character maintains responsibility for this program and its content. This program offers 7 APA CE credits.

ICF: The International Coach Federation has approved 7 CCE units (4 in Core Competencies and 3 in Resource Development).


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