Amazing You

Many people focus on what is wrong with him/her instead what is AMAZING! This can cause a person to have an unfilled life instead of one that is “worth living” or AMAZING! There are many ways to identify what is AMAZING about you, the VIA-IS is one way of doing so. The VIA-IS provides a rank order of your character strengths (there are a total of 24 Character Strengths). Realizing and actively utilizing your personal character strengths (what is best about you as a human being (the AMAZING YOU)) can be a powerful method that can be used to reach your personal fullest potential, improve your relationship with your family, work and community.
The VIA-IS takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. You can start the survey and finish later. Your responses are saved. The survey is entirely free. After completing the survey select option #3. You have the option of sharing the results with me.

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