Link to download the eSSENTIAL Accessibility app, a free assistive technology software for people with physical disabilities

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TIny Tweak your life right now just by taking the VIA character strengths survey. It's absolutely FREE and there is no catch whatsoever! You will learn some amazing things about YOU that will blow you away! Many of my students, including me, became more Joyful and less OYful almost instantly just by focusing on our top 3 strengths! For example, when I discovered my top strength is "curiosity" I realized that I don't have ADD (LOL). I simply enjoy learning new things and discovering new places...a lot!...It's who I's my JOYful place. Register below and learn some amazing stuff about YOU! The survey takes less than 20 minutes. Your kids will greatly benefit too. I would love you to share your results with me at As your FUNIQ® Fitness Coach I can teach you amazing ways to use your signature strengths, as well as your lesser strengths, that will add JOY and decrease OY for good!

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