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CoupleSolutions / VIA Character Strengths Survey

CoupleSolutions brings you the free VIA Character Strengths Survey. It’s positive, private, and scientifically validated.

This is an opportunity for you to understand which aspects of your individual character you may make the best use of, and which aspects you may wish to grow, to lead a happier, more engaged and satisfying life!

It usually takes less than 15 minutes. If you log out before you are done, your answers will be saved so you can log back in and complete it later.

When done, you will be shown a ranked list of your self-rated character strengths, and you may save that web page for your future reference.

You may then choose to review and use those results in confidential counselling or coaching with me, Andre Lampa. However, you have no obligation to do so.

For more specific help, you may also later choose to purchase a PRO version of the report that you may share with me. The cost, depending on options, is about $60.

I think you will find it inspiring. Give it a try!

Andre Lampa,

Take a VIA Survey