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How to Introduce Strengths to Your Group

You may have heard the statistic that nearly 70% of employees are disengaged at work. You may have even done some research on things you can do to improve productivity, engagement and morale within your own organization. But, have you done anything to “walk the walk”?

Creating a culture of engagement doesn’t require dramatic changes to the way your organization operates. It can start at your next group meeting. Prior to any workshop, meeting or presentation you are careful to organize the logistics, like confirming the conference room and sending the calendar invitation, but what do you do to address the human element? You have people attending the meeting not machines, so managing the nuts and bolts will only take you so far. You need a way to make those individuals feel understood and valued if you want to inspire engagement. 

Infusing a group session with strengths-based activities is a great way to set a positive tone and get people comfortable and motivated. To help you with this we've created a free practitioner handout with 2 of the best group ice breakers around strengths. Click below to get your copy. 

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Everyone has a Strengths Story. What's Yours?

Our work on character strengths is not just for people in a specific profession or with certain goals. Everyone benefits from knowing and using their strengths. Watch Alex's story unfold on our VIA Facebook page






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