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5 Ways to Use Your Strengths To Be A Better Planner

Planning. Some of us love to do it, others prefer to wing it and...

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Research Points to Two Main Reasons to Focus on Strengths

Discover why focusing on your strengths can lead to greater happiness and well-being.

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Ignite Your Strengths and Build a Life of Meaningful Stories

You have the power to create a life full of strengths-filled stories. The key...

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VIA Strengths at Work

VIA Character Strengths and My Work with Judges

Six years ago, I was approached by an appellate court judge involved with the...

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Bravery—Its Rarely Robin Hood and Maid Marian Behavior

  The moment the word Bravery is expressed visions of the Round Table or...

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VIA Strengths: Supercharging Ability for Employment Opportunity

The EDGE Program is a positive training and coaching program for people with disabilities...

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VIA Strengths at School

Teach Kids To Dream With This Fun Exercise

Have you seen posts like these on social media? o It’s never too late...

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Beyond Grit

No doubt about it, grit is in. The concept of grit seems to have...

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Parent-Child Strengths Mapping

Being a parent is hard work. There is no job description that can fully...

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Strengths and Inspirational Quotes

Character Strengths Poem

WISDOM Creativity is shaping your thoughts into something that you have never seen or...

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Hopeful For What’s To Come

Hopeful individuals regularly look on the bright side of life. They find positives when...

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Prudence is Cautious Wisdom; Practical Reason

The VIA strength of prudence is the ability to think through the consequences of...

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