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An Exercise on VIA Strength-Spotting

August 21, 2013 by ·

Earlier this week we posted this photo on our Facebook page and asked our fans to practice strength-spotting – what VIA strengths did they see in these two kids. Rachael Holdsworth did such a fabulous job thinking this through. We thought it would be a valuable learning tool for everyone to be able to read her post and our response.

VIA strengths in children

This is Rachael’s post
Rachael Holdsworth is a VIA Strengths Spotter
Our reply

Hi Rachael,

Again, so awesome for you to have given this so much thought. Speaking of #VIAstrengths, it is clear one of yours is Love of Learning.

Strength spotting is such a fun exercise to build our endurance for looking for the best in others. Many times, the first hurdle with strengths-spotting is determining what to look for, and having a “strengths language”. The VIA Classification can act as the common language for strengths-spotting, and you show that you are FLUENT—great job! (By the way, here is a blog post by Dr. Ryan Niemiec on strengths-spotting in others that you might find helpful as you continue to hone your “spotting” skills.

Your creativity and judgment/critical thinking have also played an important factor in your ability to use your imagination here and read her body language.

We can definitely see this little girl probably shares those strengths with you.

You are right– it would be easier to spot all of the strengths if we were watching their behavior or listening to them talk, but you came up with great observations just by looking at this photo. Her big grin sure does look like zest and hope. At least it looks like she is very much enjoying what she is doing. Furthermore, the little boy is definitely displaying curiosity as he intently watches her.

We just picked out a couple things to delve into further. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer here, just suggestions to get you thinking deeper.

Someone whose great strength is leadership generally is good at organizing and planning group activities; guiding and helping others in the group; creating an inclusive experience. A question to give you thought: What are some ways she can practice her leadership strength AND teamwork strength in this activity?

Someone who has a VIA strength of self-regulation is a disciplined person. Having this strength protects that person from becoming overwhelmed by impulses and emotions.

How would her strength of self-regulation help her in this situation?

Again, thank you for taking the time to think this through and share with us!

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