A Mother’s Day Challenge

May 13, 2012 by ·

Holidays are catalysts for character strengths. Each holiday poses a special opportunity to awaken us from our slumber and activate one or more strengths.  It seems that in the U.S., the culture collectively turns its attention to a particular strength each holiday. Read More

Depression? Turn to your VIA Strengths!

April 11, 2012 by ·

Using your top VIA strengths – your signature strengths – has been shown to be effective to increasing happiness and decreasing depression. Several scientific studies have shown this. As a psychologist for many years helping clients with depression, I focused heavily on what was wrong. I asked my clients... Read More

Exercising Signature Strengths Is A Key To Sustainability

February 15, 2010 by ·

Sustainability is the buzzword of today’s progressive movements in business and environmentalism. It is the challenge we face of figuring out ways to accomplish our ends without negatively impacting the environment around us. Global warming and political-economic conditions have gotten our attention like a two-by-four upside the head. We... Read More