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Exploring Your Character Strengths

August 18, 2015 by ·

Sun in handsNow that you have taken the VIA Inventory of Strengths Survey, you have begun to build a general sense of awareness of what is best in you. Why not take this a step further?

Probably the quickest way to dig deep into your character strengths is to get a VIA Pro Character Strengths Report. While this report is designed to be used in partnership with a professional, many people prefer to use this personalized analysis of your strengths, including several helpful graphs, on their own to build a strengths based life.

Additionally, you could begin to explore your character strengths by taking some time to work through several of the following questions below. You might find it useful to write about each in a journal or make it the topic of conversation with a close friend or family member. It might be helpful to ask “Why?” “How,” or “How so?” after many of the questions:

  • Do the top strengths seem like the “real you,” – the core of who you are?
  • When you use your top strengths, does it feel authentic?
  • What is your gut reaction to the results?
  • What surprises you most about the results?
  • Which strengths seem to make you feel happy when you use them?
  • Which strengths are you most interested in learning more about?
  • What are your signature strengths (usually in the top 2-5 strengths)? In other words, do you feel these are the core of who you are and that the strengths give you energy when you practice them?
  • Which strengths give you a sense of excitement and enthusiasm as you think about using them?
  • Which strengths do you feel a sense of yearning to what to do more of?
  • When you think about a time when you were functioning at your best, which strengths did you use? Write this out as a story. Share it with someone.
  • When you think of a time when you were anxious, depressed, or highly stressed, which strengths did you use to move forward?
  • Consider your past or current mentors (or personal role models, living or dead). What strengths did they embody? How did they express them?
  • What strengths are you interested in building upon?
  • Which of your lower strengths are you interested in building up?
  • Which strengths are best for you to use in your family/relationship life, in your work life, and in your social life? Note that each domain the combination of strengths you use might be very different.
  • Which strengths might you use in order to reach your goals and/or to create a better future for yourself?
  • Which strengths do you practice regularly and which just seem to come naturally where you do not even think about them until you are already using them?

Which strengths might you ask a friend or family member for encouragement and support to work on?

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