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Happiness Strategies to Use in the New Year

January 3, 2016 by ·

Since 2015 flew by in a flash, you may have missed some of these posts about boosting happiness and well-being. These are my top 5 blogs from the past year. Each article deals with character strengths and/or mindfulness strategies that you can use to start your new off on the right foot!

As always, I attempt to make the science practical – useful for your daily life.

1.) Strength mantras

To boost happiness, you need to take some kind of action. Why not choose 1 or 2 of these 24 simple phrases?

2.) Strength interventions

Need help in taking action with your strengths? Here are 10 science-based strategies that have not gotten much attention.

3.) Mindfulness – Getting Started

Do you have the sense that mindfulness practice might be right for you but don’t know how to start? Here are 5 tips that no one has told you about how to practice mindfulness.

4.) Mindful maintenance

The next challenge is to MAINTAIN your mindfulness practice. Here are 24 ways to make your mindfulness stickier. Any of your 24 character strengths can be woven into your meditation.

5.) Why it all works!

Research continues to build in support of strategies in positive psychology, mindfulness, and character strengths. Take a look at these 10 recent findings that support why character strengths are too important to neglect.


VIA Institute on Character (nonprofit organization in Cincinnati, Ohio)

VIA Survey of character strengths (free test measuring strengths)

VIA Classification of character strengths and virtues(common language for strengths)

Mindfulness and Character Strengths (book that discusses both topics)

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