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Interested in Finding Happiness and Success at Work? The Key Is Alignment.

September 21, 2016 by ·

Business meeting in an officeMany people make the mistake of blaming their unhappiness at work on co-workers, management, issues at home, etc. But oftentimes, the root of the problem, and also the solution, lie under the individual’s control. The question to ask is whether or not the person’s current role allows them to express their character strengths regularly. Research shows that employees who report using 4 or more of their signature strengths on a regular basis at work not only experience more positive work experiences but are significantly more likely to consider their work as “a calling”. However, many workers (up to 2/3) do not have a meaningful awareness of their strengths. So, maybe start there? For individuals looking to find greater fulfillment in their job, the first step might be simply taking time to assess their strengths and then reviewing how well their current position allows them to express these strengths. In this PsychTalk article, Gemma Williams reviews how identifying character strengths can help build career success and happiness.

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Discovering the professional within: How identifying our character strengths can help build our ideal career and success


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