Why Should I Use The VIA Youth Survey With My Students?

  • When students know and use their strengths they can achieve more in school and feel more confident in their abilities
  • It's designed for children aged 10-17
  • It's scientifically validated

What Is A Teacher Site?

Teacher Sites are special "master" accounts that allow teachers to generate unique links that allow students to safely take the VIA Youth Survey without creating their own individual accounts. The students' survey results can then be easily viewed and stored on the Teacher's secure site. Teacher Sites are specifically designed for teachers using the VIA Youth Survey with children under the age of 13 (you will need to agree to get parental consent). If you are using the VIA Surveys with individuals over 13, click here to create a VIA Pro Site.

Why Should I Create A Teacher Site?

  • Allows you to immediately and easily see all of your students' VIA Youth survey results in one place.
  • Allows students take the VIA Youth Survey without creating individual accounts. Note: Using the main VIA website, those who are under the age of 13 may only complete the assessment under the account of a parent, guardian, or other adult authorized by a parent or guardian.
  • It's free!