“Characterizing” the Workplace: Using Character Strengths to Create Sustained Success

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By Neal Mayerson Introduction Organizations cannot succeed in a sustained manner with only 1 in 5 of its employees fully engaged and motivated and with 1 in 5 employees either dreading work or wishing they could just stay at home instead (Asplund, Lopez, Hodges, & Harter, 2007; VIA Institute, 2015). Business is a human enterprise in which multiple people come together to produce value for … [Read more...]

Leadership Strengths


Positional and situational leadership As any successful leader will say, it is important to know thyself – to know one’s strengths and how to use them in managing or leading a group of people toward a common mission or goal. This is particularly important for “positional leaders” who have a role at their company to manage a group of people. The more that these positional leaders can bring forth … [Read more...]

Guide To Using the VIA Youth Survey with Children with Intellectual Disabilities


The VIA Institute strives to make the VIA Survey and VIA Youth Survey as accessible as possible for all individuals. To this end, we partnered with researchers at the Beach Center on Disability and the Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities at the University of Kansas to analyze and validate our VIA Youth Survey with youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They … [Read more...]

New Book on Using Character Strengths To Find Life Fulfillment and Happiness

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Character Strengths Matter: How to Live a Full Life brings the 24 VIA character strengths to life with stories involving children, teenagers, adults, and elders and occurring in family life and business settings, in the present and in the distant past, in locations from China to the United States to the Middle East. Based on the unusual premise that a key way to build strength is to act ‘as if’ … [Read more...]

VIA Strengths at Work

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The VIA Institute on Character joined up with workplace well-being expert and best-selling author, Michelle McQuaid, to check on the progress American workers are making in identifying and leveraging their strengths at work. 1,000 employees across the country, ranging in age from 18 to 55, were randomly surveyed to see if attitudes towards developing workplace strengths have changed significantly … [Read more...]

Ways to Use VIA Character Strengths

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By: Tayyab Rashid, Ph.D., University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada Afroze Anjum, Psych.D, Toronto District School Board, Canada CORE VIRTUE: WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE acquisition and use of knowledge I. Curiosity [interest, novelty-seeking, openness to experience]: Curiosity is taking an interest in all of ongoing experience. It involves actively recognizing and pursuing challenging … [Read more...]

Explore Character Strengths

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Now that you have taken the VIA Inventory of Strengths Survey, you have begun to build a general sense of awareness of what is best in you. Why not take this a step further? Probably the quickest way to dig deep into your character strengths is to get a VIA Pro Character Strengths Report. While this report is designed to be used in partnership with a professional, many people prefer to use … [Read more...]

Shifting Focus

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Whether you run a small, family owned business or a large publicly traded corporation, much of your success stems from keeping your employees content, motivated and committed. So, what happens when you’re the person responsible for this very task, yet continually feel your efforts aren’t really working? … [Read more...]

Mindfulness Overview


In this post we will answer these common questions about Mindfulness and the integration of Mindfulness and Character Strengths: What is mindfulness? What are character strengths? Why integrate mindfulness and character strengths? How do you practice with mindfulness and character strengths? What is mindfulness? The scientific definition of mindfulness is (1) the self-regulation of … [Read more...]

Exercises to Boost Humanity Strengths

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CORE VIRTUE----HUMANITY: tending and befriending others I. Love: Loving individuals value close relationships with others, in particular those in which sharing and caring are reciprocated. Love can be expressed toward those we depend on, toward those who depend on us, and toward those we feel romantic, sexual, and emotional attraction to. This strength allows people to put their trust in others … [Read more...]