The Science of Character: Using Brain Science to Raise Student Self-regulation, Resilience and Respect


In this keynote speech, VIA Institute on Character's Chairman, Dr. Neal Mayerson describes the history and science behind the VIA character strengths, as well as the importance of focusing on character strengths in educational settings. … [Read more...]

The Science of Character

your strengths

Character strengths are described as the capacities humans have for thinking, feeling, and behaving. Specifically, they are the psychological ingredients for displaying virtues or human goodness. VIA views each person as having a capacity for expressing any of the 24 character strengths in the VIA Classification. Some strengths are easier and more natural for the individual to express (their … [Read more...]

Harvard’s Institute of Coaching Conference 2012


This video features Neal and Donna's presentation at the Harvard Institute of Coaching Conference. They illustrate the value of focusing on an individual's character strengths and the importance of infusing strengths into our lives, work and relationships. They also explain the significance of understanding character strengths with regards to the field of leadership. … [Read more...]