Accessing Your Client's VIA Survey Results

If you are a professional using the VIA Survey with others you can create your own unique VIA professional link to the survey by logging in to your account and clicking My Account. You will then see a button to Create VIA Professional Site. Follow the prompts to set-up your unique link and then send the unique link to your clients, students or employees. They will click the link, register with their information and complete the VIA Survey. After completing the survey they will give their consent to have their VIA Survey results shared with you and you will receive an email notification letting you know that their results have been added to your account.You can log in to your VIA account and view their Survey results and purchase in-depth VIA Reports for them.

If a client completed the survey on the main VIA website or used your unique link but their results were not added to your account (perhaps they closed the window before giving consent) you can have their results added through the VIA system. Log in to your VIA account and in the ACTIONS box under your Professional site you will see the last option is: Request Access to Client VIA Survey Results. Click this link and enter the client's information. The VIA system will send them an email requesting consent to have their results shared. After they provide consent, the results will be added to your account.


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