Prudence as a Top Strength:

If Prudence is your top strength, you are a careful person, and your choices are consistently prudent ones. You do not say or do things that you might later regret.

Virtue Category: 

Prudence falls under the virtue category of Temperance. Temperance deals with strengths that protect us from excess. It is the practiced ability to monitor and manage one's emotions, motivation and behavior in the absence of outside help.

Key Concepts:

Prudence involves far-sighted planning as well as short-term, goal-directed planning. It is often referred to as cautious wisdom, practical wisdom, and practical reason.

Exercises for Boosting Prudence:

  • Think twice before saying anything. Do this exercise at least ten times a week and note its effects.
  • Remove all extraneous distractions before your make your next three important decisions.
  • Visualize the consequences of your next decision in one, five, and ten years’ time. 

    Watch this Smart and Prudent Cat Keep Her Paws Dry:


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