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The VIA Survey and free Character Strengths Profile is where you lift off—but this is where your journey really begins. VIA reports, courses and resources are robust tools designed to:

  • Help individuals identify, own and work their strengths
  • Support professionals—managers, coaches, consultants, educators and others—in delivering high quality, strengths-based services to their clients, employees, colleagues and students.

And the best part is— you are the wind beneath our wings because by getting your personalized report and/or registering for a course you're supporting our non-profit mission of advancing the research and reach of character strengths across the globe. Take part and advance the movement.



Understand How to use your strengths. Navigate an elevated life.

The true counterpart to the VIA Survey, VIA Reports help you learn what your strengths mean and how they can help you reach a more optimal, positively fulfilled life, whether you are using for yourself or with others.

Get to the next level in just three easy steps.

VIA ME! Report

Character report

This report presents character strengths as signature, middle and lesser and provides activities and tips on how and when to use the strengths in each category.

Only $20!

VIA ME! Youth Report*

Character report youth

A kid-friendly review of signature, middle and lesser character strengths including tips, activities and quotes.  Supplemental guides for teachers and parents are included, FREE!

Only $10

*Only available with use of VIA Youth Survey (ages 10- 17). 

VIA PRO Report

Character detailed report

The VIA Pro Report focuses exclusively and extensively on signature strengths.  Studies show that using these strengths increases engagement, happiness and well-being. 

Only $40!

VIA PRO Lesser Strength Report*

Provides an in-depth review of lesser strengths as well as techniques and strategies to boost them. Only $10!  More Info

VIA PRO Comparison Report*

Provides the perspective of how similar or different you are from others in the same geographic region and demographic categories. Only $5!  More Info

*Only available with the purchase of VIA Pro Report.

VIA Me and VIA Pro Report Package

When used together, the VIA Me and VIA Pro Report will provide the most well-rounded and thorough review of your character strengths.

Only $50

VIA PRO Team Report

Character report for educators

Use character strengths to better understand the dynamics and improve upon the performance of any team or group configuration.

Only $15 per team member (minimum of 3 per team)


Exploring the heights of a new life with strength

Whether you are a strengths novice or a seasoned practitioner, the VIA Institute's Courses will provide you with insights, strategies and solutions to reach your maximum potential.  VIA Courses equip you with the skills you need to begin your own journey, or guide others on their personal strengths journey.  Start with our Introductory Webinars and build to our Advanced Courses, including specialized courses on key topics.  Individualized one-on-one work called Character Strengths Coaching, with Dr. Ryan Niemiec (VIA Education Director) and Dr. Donna Mayerson (VIA Practice Director), supports you with a personalized approach to enhanced learning, exploration, and application. Not sure where to start? Contact us and we'll help find the right courses for you.

Introductory Webinars

Creating a Strength-Based Life

This two-session webinar provides introductory training for understanding, building and employing the fundamentals of a character strengths-based life. Learn how your life can change when you focus and apply your character strengths. Free VIA Me! Pathways Report and 30 minute Coaching session included with purchase of webinar. Tuition: $100 USD

Pioneers Speaker Interviews

Explore our free Pioneer Speaker Interview library! Dr. Ryan Niemiec hosts a variety of experts on applying character strengths to the areas of: business, education, and coaching/counseling. Tuition: FREE

In-Depth Courses

Character Strengths at Work: Using strengths to engage employees, clients and students

This 7-week online course, specifically designed for professionals, provides a comprehensive exploration of the fundamentals of using strengths with others. Character Strengths at Work is entirely asynchronous and self-guided so you can start immediately and work at your own pace. **Recommended starting course for any VIA professional. Enroll and get started today!  Tuition: $500 USD

Navigating Transitions

This intermediate-level course focuses entirely on how to navigate through life transitions (for example, a change in employment or relationship status; retirement; etc.). The emphasis is placed squarely on the use of character strengths to support and provide
balance and perspective throughout the transition process. The purpose is intended for both personal growth and as a guide for use with clients. The full course is launched right from the VIA website so no special technology is needed.  Register and get started!  Tuition: $175 USD

Specialized Training

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP)

Best character strength practices

An 8-week, interactive, online program that will help you develop and learn about mindfulness practices and character strengths practices. Preliminary research finds that MBSP boosts well-being, purpose, positive relationships, and engagement, and will help you deeply express your character strengths and manage problems. Tuition: $500 USD

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice in Coaching

Personalized character strengths coaching Donna Mayerson character coaching

In partnership with the Wholebeing Institute, this 8-week course, designed specifically for coaches, weaves together character strength interventions with the practice of mindfulness. The lectures, activities and case examples focus primarily on the coach-coachee relationship. Tuition: $595 (registration open on the Wholebeing Institute website)

Developing Effective Teams: Using strengths to improve engagement, performance and satisfaction

Neal Mayerson character strengths

A 3-week on-demand course designed for professionals interested in applying strengths to motivate and empower teams. This training uses the VIA Team Report as a guide to the latest strengths applications and interventions for creating synergy and improving team functioning. Purchase the recorded webinars anytime and receive a free Team Report. Tuition: $175 USD

Personalized character strengths coaching

Personalized character strengths coaching Donna Mayerson character coaching

Personal, individual coaching sessions with a VIA expert, who is also a certified coach, will guide you through developing and implementing strategies to reach your unique personal and professional goals. Sessions conducted by Skype or phone.  1 Session: $75 USD; 3 sessions: $150 USD



Learn, be inspired and connect with a global movement.

Watch. Listen. Read. EXPERIENCE... the impact of positive psychology and character strengths around the world in a multitude of resources. Click to view a particular topic area or browse all resources.




finds his joy when making others laugh

his strength of humor is no joke




started connecting with co-workers

by putting his strength of kindness to work




took the VIA's "Character Strengths at Work" course

and schooled her strength of love of learning




prides herself on being authentic and genuine

her top strength of character is honesty




discovered a love for sailing

after flexing his strength of curiosity




sees each day as a gift

when she practices her strength of gratitude


feels energized each workday

when he makes time to tap into his creativity




stands up for equality and justice

her top strength of character is fairness




makes friends everywhere she goes

she is high in social intelligence