Navigating Transitions


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This course focuses entirely on how to navigate through life transitions (for example, a change in employment or relationship status; retirement; etc.). The emphasis is placed squarely on the use of character strengths to support and provide balance and perspective throughout the transition process. The purpose is intended for both personal growth and as a guide for use with clients.

The full course is launched right from the VIA website so no special technology is needed, other than a working computer with speakers. Content opens up right on the page or as a small pop-up window so you will never lose track of where you are in your learning.

As an on-demand course, we encourage participants to take their time as they peruse each phase of the content. There is plenty to explore and learn! There are lectures, videos, stories, meditations, articles, and practical exercises to delve into, therefore, one should not take a “rushed” approach. The material is based in strong concepts from wisdom traditions and recent research and, at the same time, is immediately practical for the participant.

Participants are also encouraged to have direct contact with the course leaders – Dr. Ryan Niemiec and Dr. Donna Mayerson – to ask questions, share the results of the activities practiced, and discuss insights generated.

Participants can receive 4 credits of Resource Development from the International Coach Federation for participating in this course.




This course is organized around four phases of transitions. Giving attention to each phase can help you bring the best of yourself to life challenges. Learning key tips and research around each phase can also assist you in educating and guiding your clients through their life transitions. The four phases that are discussed are:

1.)    Gathering Wisdom: learning from the past.

2.)    Facing the In-Between Space: facing the tensions and challenges of the present moment.

3.)    Envisioning Your Future Self: looking to the future to explore what “might” or “could” be for you.

4.)    Beginning Anew: attending to self-care, including the four pillars of health.


Course Faculty:

Dr. Ryan Niemiec, Education Director of the VIA Institute, is a licensed psychologist and international workshop leader on character strengths. He is author of over 50 peer-reviewed articles and several books, including Mindfulness and Character Strengths; Movies and Mental Illness (now in its 4th edition), and Positive Psychology at the Movies (now in its 2nd edition). He’s the creator of Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP), the first manualized program to boost strengths of character.




Dr. Donna Mayerson, Advisor for Applied Practice at the VIA Institute, is a licensed psychologist and earned her master's degree in special education.  She was formerly coaching director of Hummingbird Coaching Services, now Humana.  She is a certified coach who has used her deep knowledge of the VIA strengths as a framework for individual and organizational change with hundreds of education administrators and teachers, leaders of youth-serving organizations, in training coaches/practitioners, and with individuals and families.



ICF: This course provides 4 ICF CCEU's in Resource Development.



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