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The "VIA" [vee-uh] in our organization's name is a reference to the role the Institute plays in connecting research and practice. 
Offering effective applications of character strengths by way of supporting the foundational research required to inform their development.  While VIA is most well-known for providing the tools that resulted from original, scientific ground-breaking research, the effort to catalyze new research into key issues related to character strengths – how to best utilize them, what benefits they create, and how they relate to each other - continues to be an active and integral part of our work.  Your support of VIA allows us to expand the knowledge-base on character strengths and how they help us all flourish. 

World's Largest Database on Character Strengths 

Regarded as a central tool of positive psychology, the VIA Survey has been used in hundreds of research studies many of which have been presented at academic conferences and printed in peer-reviewed journals.  Each week, VIA collaborates with researchers across the globe to provide free access to the VIA Survey and raw data for use in studies ranging from the role of character strengths in romantic relationships to the differences in character strengths among offenders and non-offenders.  See a list of current researchers and studies being supported by the VIA Institute.  

Supporting Researchers

Our on-going relationships with researchers and thinkers at the forefront of this field ensure that we remain at the epicenter of this global movement to help advance the science of character strengths. If you are a researcher interested in employing the VIA Survey in your studies, please click here to learn how. 

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Research Findings

Our experts have scoured countless publications to find and compile this list of research-based developments on character strengths. Browse this robust, comprehensive inventory of over 200 summaries of character strengths research organized by commonly utilized topic area.


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Latest Research

In this section we've highlighted the latest research findings on character strengths. Discover the significant impact character strengths have on research studies and stay up-to-date on current research with this regularly updated list.


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Published Articles by VIA

Character strengths research is being used globally to enhance the way individuals work in a variety of industries. We've compiled a group of published articles on a variety of VIA strength related topics.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in using the VIA Survey in your research study? Do you want to know what information is shared with researchers? Find answers to commonly asked questions by perusing our Frequently Asked Questions section. Choose the category "VIA and Research" to view research-related questions.


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VIA Survey Psychometric Data

In any research it is important that the tools being utilized are valid and reliable. After rigorous testing, standard scientific procedures have established that the VIA Survey and VIA Youth Survey measure what they are designed to measure. Learn more about the pscychometrics for both surveys here.


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