Attesting to "Good"... and the Good it Does

There is no greater testament to the work done by the VIA Institute in effecting a better global society through character strengths than to hear from and about the people whose lives they’ve dramatically impacted, as well as those affecting the field.

Of all the positive psychology tools I use I still find the VIA Survey the most simple, effective and compelling tool to help leaders and employees immediately create positive changes for themselves, their team and their organization. 

-Michelle McQuaid, best-selling author and executive coach

Character strengths testimonials

“I first came across the VIA survey about five years ago, thanks to an astute life coach. The idea that I had ‘strengths’–with not a weakness in sight, was mind-blowing, and to see myself through a strengths lens has enabled me to flourish and grow. I have continued to participated in VIA webinars and workshops both in Melbourne, Australia, and on-line, as part of my ongoing professional and personal development. The wisdom, encouragement and support VIA impart to their learning community is, without a doubt, world-class.

The VIA has continued to nourish and expand my love of learning into more formal studies in Positive Psychology, and working in the strengths-education arena has since become my life’s work.

...And to think it all started with a free, on-line survey all those years ago!”

-Fiona Trembath, author, editor, teacher and presenter

As a facilitator, mediator and executive coach I work closely with individuals, teams and organisations to unlock and stimulate their potential best. The VIA Report is the most empowering tool I can use to enable this outcome. My clients rave about their ability to flourish and transform their outlook.

- Margie Hartley, Coach

Ryan Niemiec character strengths book

“Ryan Niemiec who just wrote a FANTASTIC new book, Mindfulness and Character Strengths, a MUST READ for folks interested in positive psychology, is the Educational Director at the VIA Institute. He is perhaps the most noted strengths educator in the world, No hype. I use the VIA (Values in Action) re: 24 character strengths with EVERY client I coach. Employed or not employed. It is free and based on science and developed by pioneers of positive psych, the late, great Dr. Chris Peterson and Dr. Marty Seligman.”

-Judy Krings

I use the VIA in my therapy practice to assess and start dialogues about strengths. Clients initially love having an organizational scheme and external validation for their strengths and over time they generate meaningful stories which support and affirm the assessment. It is much more engaging and enlivening to talk about the cultivation of patience, for example, than the management of anger.

I use the VIA with clinical psychology graduate students learning to become supervisors as part of an integrated strength-based model which also incorporates reflective feedback. Students are inspired by each other's stories. It becomes very clear that while not all strengths come from happy places, resiliency and hope often win out.

-Claire Fialkov, Psychologist/ Professor

“I would say that this class (Character Strengths At Work) is indispensable for anyone who wants to use the VIA Survey with clients. There is just no way to fully appreciate the full potential of the VIA character strengths without this class.”

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