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VIA Premier: Products Designed to Create Better Organizations

VIA is proud to partner with SMCOV to offer VIA Premier, a suite of products designed to reinvigorate employees, optimize managers and improve work productivity. SMCOV distributors gain access to VIA Premier strengths-based Reports and are trained to deliver two exclusive, research-based trainings to create more engaged employees and stronger, more successful organizations.

The exclusive VIA Premier trainings include:

Your Strengths at Work:The Path to Engagement Workshop: a one-day workshop designed to help employees gain a deeper understanding into how character strengths can play a key role in improving employee engagement. The principles are grounded in scientific research and have been shown to help employees find greater satisfaction in their work, enhance the company culture, and increase employee productivity.

Manager as Optimizer Workshop: a one-day workshop designed to optimize the way managers lead, support and interact with their employees. The applications presented in this course have been shown to improve management effectiveness, work relationships and work satisfaction. This training dives into the best practices that managers can use to effectively balance the employee's best interests with the organization's best interests and create conditions that lead to full engagement and optimal success for employees.

The exclusive VIA Premier Reports include:

VIA Professional Report: a report designed for employees to gain a deeper understanding into their unique character strengths profile. The report is divided into three sections: signature, middle and lesser strengths. Signature strengths are a large focus of this report as these come most naturally to the individual and are likely to have a great impact on personal growth and engagement. The report also describes middle and lesser strengths and provides ideas for boosting them. Additionally, there are workbook pages that allow the individual a chance to create strengths action plans. Report available in English and Turkish.

Manager Guide: a guide that lays out practical step-by-step suggestions for how to have a productive strengths-based discussion with employees.

Employee Role Matching Report: a report designed to match employees with different work roles based on their VIA character strengths. It reviews the individual's unique character strengths profile and using a complex, research-based algorithm articulates which of the seven common work roles might be best suited for the individual based on their strengths. The report provides information on the individual's top two ranked roles, as well as the lowest ranked role, with workbook pages to prompt exploration, planning and job sculpting.

Strengths Deployment Review and Planning Guide: a tool that offers managers a structured and concise way to help their employees create a plan to deploy more of their top character strengths a work.

Please contact us to get more information on how you can become licensed distributor of these trainings in your area.

Learn more about the VIA/SMCOV trainings here.

Find a distributor in your area. Here is a list of our current SMCOV licensees:

Location Company Name Contact Name Contact Email
Australia WunderTraining Jane Wundersitz
China/Japan/Korea Business Consultants Maiko Endo via-bconjp@bcon
Benelux Union Moovs Edwin Boom
Brazil SB Coaching Flora Victoria
India gr8synergy OCS Sunil Tapse
Turkey Flow Coaching Talyaa Vardar
Turkey Navitas Demet Uyar
Thailand Plusitives Co., Ltd Ruttanun Klewpatinond
United States Authentic Strengths Advantage Fatima Doman