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Who are you
at your best?

You are unique in the world and united in your strengths with all of humanity. Discover your Character Strengths Profile and begin living each day as the very best version of yourself.


Discover Your Strengths

Take the Free Strengths Survey to begin living your best life. Research shows that applying your strengths can increase confidence, happiness, positive relationships and reduces stress and anxiety. Discover your strengths today!

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Help Others Build Their Strengths

The VIA Survey is trusted by researchers and professionals around the world to assess character strengths. Create your free VIA Pro Dashboard to distribute and manage the VIA Survey to your clients or students.

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Join the 30+ million people like you who have taken the VIA Survey to grow and flourish in all aspects of life.

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Discover Your Strengths

This short survey takes only 12 minutes - and 90% of survey takers look forward to applying their results.

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Step 1: Discover your strengths
Step 2: Activate your strengths

Step 2

Activate Your Strengths

Research shows that using your character strengths can boost your well-being. Get started with one of VIA's easy-to-use reports or on-demand courses. VIA's reports and courses are all designed to make it easy for you to bring your strengths to life and feel more energized and confident.

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Build The Life You Really Want

In each lifestyle, challenges arise and create opportunities for living with greater meaning and purpose. VIA's extension courses provide the guidance for living your best life to excel at work, at home, at school, and in all of your relationships.

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Step 3: Build the life you really want
Step 4: Become certified

Step 4

Become Certified to Help Others

Lead others on their journey to feel more authentic, alive, and engaged as a Certified Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) Leader. Help people reduce stress while creating a holistic positive approach to improve their well-being and happiness.

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Why Strengths Matter More Than Ever

Across the globe, people are struggling to enjoy their lives due to an array of mental health challenges while the desire to feel good is rated as a priority for many. Globally, 79% of respondents rated wellness as a priority while 42% of those said it was a top priority in their lives. (McKinsey)

of workers report a mental health symptom
U.S. Surgeon General
of chronic illnesses have a mental health component
of U.S. adults struggle with anxiety and depression

Character Strengths Promote Flourishing

VIA Character Strengths are the only scientifically validated strengths assessment that helps people flourish across every aspect of their lives-and at each stage of life. People rely on their character strengths at age 22, 42, 62, and 82 to achieve goals, remain resilient, deepen relationships, and feel like their true selves.

Promote flourising at work

At Work

People spend significant time at work - character strengths help people bounce back from difficulties while continuing to thrive and contribute to team morale.

Promote flourising at home

At Home

Connections to the people we share our lives with are critical for thriving-character strengths help people appreciate each other and feel understood.

Promotion flourising at school

At School

The classroom is a place of growth and challenge. Character strengths give students, teachers, and professors an energizing source of confidence to draw from.

Organizations That Have Used the VIA Survey

Talbert House
Strengths Gym
Mount St. Joseph University
Children, Inc.
Allied Health
Newark boys Chorus School
Xavier University
U.S. Army
University of Toronto

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