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The VIA Pro Team Report

This report was designed for anyone working with a group of individuals that would like to better understand and utilize a team’s unique configuration of character strengths to improve overall functioning and performance. By providing multiple perspectives, the VIA Pro Team Report allows you to develop your group on many levels to enhance team connectedness, performance and engagement. See step-by-step instructions for getting a VIA Team Report.

Report available in English only.

Only $15 per team member with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15 members per team.

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"This report helped us create a well-rounded team for a large-scale client project. After reviewing the Report we were able to tell who we needed in the group to find the right balance of creativity, prudence and leadership."

"It was interesting to learn that character strengths can be the reason for "collisions" in teams. I've been working with my group using the Team Report as a guide and we've been able to pinpoint some "hot button" situations that arise due to conflicts with strengths. It's very helpful in understanding the dynamics of a group."

"I did the team report for my own small company (6 people). One person was identified as an Integrator (all top strengths overlap with the other members' top strengths; usually highly interconnected team member), and it was an “aha experience” for all of us, since we recognized, that he lived up fully to the description in the Report, but we had never put those words on him. We now often call him: the Integrator."