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Engaged employees are involved, enthusiastic, and further their organization’s interests. Survey research finds that the majority of employees are disconnected or disengaged from their work. Disengagement leads to poor performance and lower productivity while employee engagement leads to higher performance and productivity. Studies have found that workers who apply four or more of their signature strengths experience more positive experiences at work and are more likely to experience work as a calling, compared with those who use less than four of their signature strengths at work. To this end, employers are encouraged to ask the question: “What opportunities are there within the employee’s job and the organization to foster his or her character strengths further?”

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Research shows that employees who use 4 or more of their signature strengths find more engagement in their work. It is up to you to motivate them to use their strengths and maximize their potential. Our research-based courses give you the tools you need to lead this charge.

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Whether you've got a unique situation or just prefer interacting one-on-one a 30 minute consultation with one of our expert character strengths practitioner will provide you with the individualized attention you need to integrate a character strengths approach into your work.

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