Professional Character Strengths Coaching

Professional Character Strengths Coaching is intended to target, “you, the professional.” The focus is on leveraging character strengths to help you best serve your clients, students, or employees. This may involve case consultation in which the coach offers opinions and ideas regarding your work with a specific client (individual or group). It may involve question and answer in which you and your coach grapple with a variety of questions you have about applying character strengths (and other elements of positive psychology).

Other common examples include discussing optimal character strengths interventions for a workshop or class you are planning to lead, being a strengths “sounding board” for a positive psychology consultation you are offering, or reviewing outlines and ideas of strengths projects you are working on. The goal is to help you not only understand optimal strengths applications but to enable you to thrive in doing so.

If you are interested in working with a VIA character strengths expert to achieve personal goals learn more about Personal Coaching.


$100 USD for 30 minute session

$250 USD for package of 3 30-minute sessions

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Fees for coaching sessions must be paid in advance of services provided. You are required to give 24-hours notice if you need to cancel or change the time of an appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged for the session in full. Every effort will be made to reschedule sessions which are cancelled in a timely manner.

Credit cards are accepted. Insurance is not accepted. Payment is arranged through Christina Jenkins, VIA's Administrative Coordinator, at You will also be asked to read and complete the Registration and Consent Form.

VIA Coaches

Dr. Ryan Niemiec

Ryan M. Niemiec, PsyD, is author or co-author of nine books, an award-winning psychologist and a widely traveled international speaker. Ryan is the creator of MBSP and has led hundreds of mindfulness groups over the last two decades. As education director of the global nonprofit, VIA Institute on Character, he's a leading voice in the education, research, and practice of character strengths. He lives with his family, which includes three young and zestful children, near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dr. Donna Mayerson

Dr. Donna Mayerson is a licensed psychologist and earned her master's degree in special education. Formerly a coaching director of Hummingbird Coaching Services, she is a certified coach who has used her deep knowledge of the VIA strengths as a framework for individual and organizational change with hundreds of education administrators and teachers, leaders of youth-serving organizations, in training coaches/practitioners and with individuals and families.

Ruth Pearce

Ruth Pearce, JD, PMP, ACC is VIA's Ambassador and Facilitator. She is president of ALLE LLC and co-founder of In It Together Coaching, which offers group coaching based on VIA Character Strengths. She presents regularly at conferences nationally and internationally on how to use character strengths for project management and building engaged, empowered teams. In 2018, her book Be A Project Motivator: Unlock the Secrets of Strengths-Based Project Management was published by Berrett-Koehler. In August 2021, she launched her first LinkedIn Learning course based on the book and leveraging VIA Character Strengths. Her motto is Be Hopeful; Be Strong; Be Brave; Be Curious.