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Bring Character Strength Applications To Your Organization or Group

The application of character strengths is not a one-size-fits-all approach. While there are concepts and practices that cut across populations, settings, and situations, the actual application of character strengths is unique and must align with the context to be most effective. Character strengths research has exploded in the last 10 years with findings showing substantial benefits for individual and group well-being, as well as happiness, work productivity and engagement, goal-progress, achievement, meaning in life, better relationships, and improved management of stress and problems. New insights from the science of character strengths are emerging every week, literally. With a VIA customized webinar/workshop, your group will get guidance and practices tailored to your needs and interests, that is informed by the emerging science.

VIA's Education Director, Dr. Ryan Niemiec, has over 20 years of experience leading groups and workshops. He is regarded as a global leader in both the research and the practice of character strengths, offering over 800 presentations on these and related topics to a wide range of groups. With a customized webinar/workshop, Dr. Niemiec would work with you to plan a session that is engaging and informative. Topics can include: personal and professional strengths applications; models of practice; character strengths research; optimal tools for workplaces, universities, and other settings; integrating mindfulness with character strengths; finding flourishing with strengths; integrating meaning/purpose or spirituality with strengths, empowering teams with strengths; and more!

Individuals who take the VIA Survey and discover their character strengths are gaining powerful information – building their self-knowledge, personal growth, and professional capacities – that they can use to build better lives, better relationships, and better organizations. But, having an awareness of your character strengths is just the beginning. Studies now show that it's the use of your character strengths that brings about the greatest change.

Schedule a customized webinar or workshop with Dr. Ryan Niemiec to learn how you and your group/organization can get the most out of this transformative science.

Webinar / Workshop Options

Webinar (online/remote): Using an online platform, such as Go To Webinar, Dr. Niemiec will present to your group for 1-3 hours. In addition, online retreats in mindfulness and character strengths are offered and go for at least 4-5 hours (costs negotiable). For 1-3 hour webinars/workshops, there’s a general base fee of $1,000 for the first hour, and $500 for each additional hour, for up to 50 people. An additional $100 is applied per each additional 50 people. Recording the webinar for future use is permitted. Included in these fees is a one-hour phone or Skype conversation to optimally plan your webinar or workshop. Useful handouts for distribution to your participants are also included.

Due to the restrictions associated with COVID-19 we will not be conducting face-to-face workshops at this time. We hope to continue this service at a later date.

Half-Day In-Person Workshop (CINCINNATI REGION ONLY): Dr. Niemiec would host a face-to-face workshop for your group for 3-4 hours. Rate: $2,500 plus expenses; Non-profit rate: $1,750 plus expenses.

Full-Day In-Person Workshop (CINCINNATI REGION ONLY): Dr. Niemiec would host a face-to-face workshop for your group for 7-8 hours. Rate: $3,500 plus expenses; Non-profit rate: $2,000 plus expenses.

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