Coaches: See Opportunities, Not Weaknesses.

At the heart of coaching is the establishment of a good relationship. Coaches are tasked with helping clients understand themselves, and collaborating with clients to set, and work toward, meaningful goals. Character strengths directly impact this work by improving the coach-client relationship. Instead of focusing the relationship around discovering “what’s wrong” with the client, coaches can organize and guide around “what’s strong”. Clients who have a coach that can spot and appreciate their strengths, and will prioritize strengths work in coaching, end up feeling “known” and understood by their coach. This contributes to a strong and mutually engaging coaching relationship. Many coaches may accentuate this phenomenon by disclosing their own character strengths and personal stories that reflect how they’ve used their strengths.Read More of the VIA Coaching with Strengths Case Statement


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A focus on character strengths can be weaved into any coach/client relationship and can make the connection feel more authentic and meaningful. VIA strengths provide a common language to facilitate discussions, re-frame issues and set goals. Discover how with our online courses.

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Whether you've got a unique situation or just prefer interacting one-on-one a 30 minute consultation with one of our expert character strengths practitioners will provide you with the individualized attention you need to integrate a character strengths approach into your work.

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