VIA Professional Site: Use the VIA Survey and Reports in Your Work With Others

The VIA Survey is the premier tool in the field of positive psychology that assesses an individual's character strengths. We make it is easy for you to use our character survey and comprehensive strengths reports so you can apply this life-changing information to your own clients, students and employees. Click here to print a free infographic on setting up your VIA Pro Site for your home or office.

Why Should I Use The VIA Survey in My Work With Others?

  Character strengths are a key pathway to helping individuals improve their lives, work and relationships
  When you know your clients' and employees' strengths you can guide, manage and lead them more effectively and authentically
  It's scientifically validated
  It's free!



What Is A VIA Pro Site?

By setting up a VIA Pro Site you can create a unique link to the VIA Survey and/or VIA Youth Survey (for individuals aged 10-17). You can then send the link to your clients, students or employees and they will click the link, register for an account on the VIA website and complete the VIA Survey. Their results are then added to your account for your review. If you are using a VIA Youth Survey with children under the age of 13 click here to learn about setting up a Teacher Site.


Why Should I Create A VIA Pro Site?

  Allows you to immediately and easily see all of your clients', students’, or employee's VIA Survey results in one place.
  Allows you to purchase in-depth Character Strength Reports for your clients, students or employees
  It’s free!


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