VIA Pro Report

The VIA Pro Report explores your top 4-7 signature strengths. These are the strengths that are most important for you to focus on because they are core to who you are and are effortless and essential for you to express. This report covers advanced strengths topics, such as overuse/underuse of your signature strengths, "hot buttons" and where the strengths fall within the 6 virtue categories (Wisdom, Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence). This is a sophisticated view of how to use your highest character strengths to achieve more at work, in relationships or working through important life changes. FORMAT: PDF. This report is available for digital download immediately after purchase.

A Free Practitioner's Guide is included. This practitioner's tool includes key issues to consider, cautions, practical tips, general interventions, and strength-based models for practice.

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VIA ME & VIA PRO Report Package

When used together, the VIA ME and VIA PRO Reports provide the most well-rounded and thorough analysis of your character strengths.

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There are over 5.1 million possible Top 5 combinations of character strengths.

Signature strengths are one of the most important concepts in positive psychology because of the immediate and important impact they can have on improving well-being.

It's important to confirm your signature strengths. For each of your top strengths, ask yourself if it is essential and authentic to who you are, energizing and natural to use, and expressed widely across all domains of you life.

Words From Our Community

  • "My favorite part of the VIA Pro Report is the overuse and underuse sections for each of the signature strengths. It's an interesting concept that I can be underplaying one of my core strengths or I might be bringing it forth a little too strongly in some situations. Very enlightening when I think about how it impacts my work and my relationships."

    • Caroline D.
    • Nurse
  • "I have every client take the VIA Survey and then I get their personalized VIA Pro Report. It gives me insight into their decisions and behaviors that I wouldn't get otherwise. Often times, they don't even know their own top strengths. This Report gives us prompts for talking about their strengths and how they affect their lives."

    • Barry N.
    • Executive Coach
  • Focusing on my signature strengths has changed the way I feel about my work. This Report helped me to re-conceptualize the way I approach my work tasks so I now find more ways to use my top strengths. I can now officially say that I love my job!

    • Hannah Y.
    • Medical Sales Rep