Discover how you can harness your character strengths, the positive aspects of your personality, to help you thrive.

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Dr. Ryan Niemiec
Ryan M. Niemiec, PsyD, is author or co-author of nine books, an award-winning psychologist and a widely traveled international speaker. As education director of the global nonprofit, VIA Institute on Character, he's a leading voice in the education, research, and practice of character strengths. He lives with his family, which includes three young and zestful children, near Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Strengths Basics
Ignite Your Strengths and Build a Life of Meaningful Stories
You have the power to create a life full of strengths-filled stories. The key...
By Dr. Ryan Niemiec
Strengths Basics
Could A Strength Mantra Improve Your Day?
A big part of advertising is creating a slogan that people will remember, and hopefully, encourage some type of action. What if you took this "advertising" approach to your character strengths?
By Dr. Ryan Niemiec
Strengths Basics
Heart and Character Strengths: When Love Is The Way
When you discover your strengths, you'll see how they impact all aspects of your life.
By Jennifer Cory
Strengths Basics
How Does Judgment Show Up In Your Career?
3 tips to help you hone your decision-making skills.
By Nancy Fredericks
Strengths Basics
One Easy Way to Make Someone Happier
Learn how to strengths-spot in children of a very young age.
By Dr. Ryan Niemiec
Strengths Basics
Use Your Strengths to Boost Happiness
Learn how finding new ways to activate your strengths can improve your mood.
By Dr. Ryan Niemiec
Strengths Basics
Tips for Using Each Character Strength in a New Way
Two ideas for activating each of your 24 character strengths.
By Dr. Ryan Niemiec
Strengths Basics
3 Questions to Help You Exercise Your Strength of Perspective
When negative thoughts are swirling...learn how to shift your focus.
By James & Suzie Pawelski
Strengths Basics
Get Comfortable with Your Strengths
6 ways to explore how your strengths impact your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
By Caroline Adams Miller

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  • By incorporating my strengths into all parts of my life I have found reserves I did not know I had, a compassion and kindness for myself, love for and from those closest to me, laughter in my darkest moments, thankfulness for each moment and a way to keep hopeful throughout my journey.

    • Lorna Freestone
    • Wife, Mother
  • The main sources of happiness are not about buying, but about connecting. Not about collecting, but about sharing. Not about being perfect, but about using your strengths.

    • Patrick