Why VIA Character Strengths?

Character strengths are a scientifically-validated pathway to help individuals improve their lives, work and relationships. The free VIA Survey, translated into over 40 languages, is the premier tool in the field of positive psychology that assesses an individual's character strengths. When you know your clients' or employees' strengths, you can guide them more effectively and authentically.

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Uncover what's strong, instead of what's wrong.

VIA Pro Sites Help You to Help Others

A Pro Site is a tool we’ve created just for professionals–including therapists, coaches, managers, teachers and more. It allows you to send others a unique link to the VIA survey and then collect their Character Strengths Profile through your VIA account. You’ll get immediate access to their list of character strengths (their Character Strengths Profile) along with research-based information to guide your discussions. It’s through your pro site that you can easily manage everyone’s Character Strengths Profile in one central place, free of charge. For a deeper dive, you can also purchase in-depth character strengths reports in bulk, at a discount, for your clients, employees or students. For professionals specializing in youth, we offer Pro Sites for Youths, which focus on our child-focused survey, reports and resources.

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