This report presents character strengths as signature, middle and lesser and provides activities and tips on how and when to use the strengths in each category. (For ages 18+).

Key Features
  • More information on all 24 of your character strengths
  • Deep dive into your core, signature strengths
  • Activities for boosting lesser strengths
$20.00 usd

A kid-friendly review of signature, middle and lesser character strengths including tips, activities and quotes. (For ages 10-17).

Key Features
  • Learn the benefits of your top strengths
  • Tips to apply all of your strengths
  • Discover how others see you
$10.00 usd

A Profile Report that focuses exclusively and extensively on your top signature strengths. Studies show that using these strengths increases engagement, happiness and well-being.

Key Features
  • In-depth exploration of your core signature strengths
  • The latest research about each of your signature strengths
  • Details around the overuse and underuse of your signature strengths
$40.00 usd

Use this Team Profile Report to see the character strength dynamics of a group and explore ways to improve overall functioning and performance.

Key Features
  • Combines multiple individual's VIA Survey results into one Team Report
  • Review of the unique strength contributions of each team member
  • Exploratory questions to help you create a more cohesive, engaged team
$15.00 usd
price per team member (min. 3 members)

Best Value: Buy Together and Save!

VIA ME! & VIA PRO Report Package

When used together, the VIA ME! and VIA PRO Reports provide the most well-rounded and thorough analysis of your character strengths.

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Upgrade Your VIA Pro Report

The VIA Pro and VIA Lesser Strengths Report Package

Add a Lesser Strengths Report to your VIA Pro to learn how to boost your lesser strengths with our strengths-building tips.

$50.00 USD

VIA Pro & Comparison Report

Add a Comparison Report to your VIA Pro to discover how similar or different you are from others in the same geographic region and demographic categories.

$45.00 USD

The VIA Pro Report, VIA Lesser Strengths Report and VIA Comparison Report Package

Get the complete upgrade with both VIA Pro supplemental reports.

$55.00 USD

How is a profile report different than the free survey results?

Our free survey helps you understand your character makeup. It lists your greater strengths down to your lesser strengths. A profile report is a deeper, richer, review of your unique strengths constellation and how you can apply your strengths to live a more fulfilling life.