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Discover what science says about your true self and how you interact with others and operate in the world with the Total 24 Character Strengths Report. This report is your in-depth, personalized guide to understanding and applying your unique Character Strengths Profile based on which strengths rank highest to lowest for you. Learn about all 24 of your character strengths as well as engaging, research-based ways to use your strengths to make positive changes in all aspects of your life. Explore how your strengths can help you find greater happiness, overcome adversity and challenges, cultivate better relationships, and live a more meaningful life with the Total 24 Report.

Total 24 Report Interpretation and Insight Guide included!

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This Report Includes

Spotlight on Strengths

  • In-depth analysis of why each of your top 5 signature strengths are important
  • Review of your 14 middle strengths and what to focus on to make the most of them
  • Review of your 5 lesser strengths, including ways to boost them

Profile Perspectives

  • Guide and chart of Overuse, Underuse and Optimal strengths use to find your right balance of strengths
  • Character Strengths Expression Map, to discover how your signature strengths are expressed on a heart/mind and inward/relational continuum
  • Your Virtue Profile, revealing your top virtue and research-based ways to enhance all 6 virtues
  • Your top Happiness Strength and the 5 strengths you can cultivate to find greater happiness

Total 24 Report + Start with Strengths Course Package

Purchase the Total 24 Report and the Start with Strengths Course together and receive over 15% off.


Key Benefits of Total 24 Report

Use the Total 24 Character Strengths Report to apply your strengths and live your best life.

Boost Self-awareness and Confidence

Explore your entire constellation of 24 character strengths to understand and celebrate the best parts of your personality.

Cultivate Greater Happiness

Apply research-based activities using 5 important strengths and experience more happiness in your life.

Increase Engagement and Meaning

Align your signature strengths with your daily tasks and relationships to reach new levels of connectedness.

Find Greater Well-Being

Discover how your strengths can improve all areas of your life by exploring them from a variety of science-based perspectives.

Total 24 Report Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between the Top 5 and Total 24 Reports?

The VIA Top 5 Report offers personalized insights into an individual’s top five strengths. These are the strengths that are likely to be core to who they are in every domain of life.

The VIA Total 24 Report includes everything in the VIA Top 5 Report, and it goes further into exploring the individual’s entire Character Strengths Profile. While the top five strengths are very important, many people find it helpful to explore their middle and lesser strengths to understand how their strengths work together and where they might want to grow. The VIA Total 24 Report also explores additional perspectives, such as Strengths Overuse, Underuse and Optimal Use, Virtue Profiles, a Character Strengths Expression Profile and Happiness Strengths.

Should I purchase both the Top 5 Report and Total 24 Report?

No. All of the information in the VIA Top 5 Report exists in the VIA Total 24 Report so purchasing the VIA Total 24 Report is like getting both reports! If you’ve purchased the VIA Top 5 Report and would like to upgrade to the VIA Total 24 Report, you can do so for $30. Log in to your account to get started.

Are the reports available in other languages?

The reports are available in English. Interested in providing an additional translation? We would welcome your support. Please contact

I purchased my report, when will I receive it?

When you purchase an in-depth report, a report credit is immediately added to your VIA Account. You can access the report credit by logging into your account and choosing your purchased report from the the Reports box next to your Survey Name. Then click Download. This is a PDF file so be sure you are on a device that is compatible with Adobe.

Is bulk pricing available for the Total 24 Report?

Yes, bulk pricing is available. See chart below.

Number of Reports Price per Total 24 Report
1-19 $49.00
20-49 $41.00
50-99 $36.00
100-299 $32.00
300-499 $29.00
500-999 $26.00
1,000+ $25.00

How do I purchase Total 24 Reports to use in my work with others?

The Total 24 Report can transform with the way you work with your clients, employees and students. Setup a unique link to the VIA Survey and get in-depth reports for others by creating a VIA Pro Site.

What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

We feel confident you will find VIA products valuable, but if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund. Refunds are issued based on product purchased. See our Refund Policy for details. Terms of Service