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Discover Your Strengths and Increase Well-Being

How to Improve Your Life with a Custom VIA Report

Changing your life for the better starts with getting to know the real you. Character strengths are the positive personality traits that define your unique identity, such as perseverance, kindness, hope and leadership.

Knowing which character strengths rank highest for you is a key element to living your best life. Personalized VIA Reports (based on the free VIA Survey) explore how understanding your true self can make you happier, less stressed, more productive at work and better connected to others.

What's included in the Mindfulness and Character Strengths Report
  • Your results on each of the five mindfulness skills
  • Your overall mindfulness score
  • Activities for boosting your highest and lowest mindfulness skills
  • Your top 5 character strengths
  • Tips for using your strengths more mindfully
Cultivate active awareness of your best qualities.

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What's included
What's included in the Top 5 Report
  • Full Character Strengths Profile + Graph
  • In-depth analysis of your top 5 character strengths
  • Insight into how others see you
  • Tips to use your top 5 to find greater well-being
Focus on your signature strengths to improve your life and thrive.

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What's included
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What's included in the Total 24 Report
  • Everything in the Top 5 Report, plus
  • Review of your middle and lesser strengths and how to apply them
  • Exercises to boost your happiness strengths
  • Analysis of the strengths by virtues, revealing your highest virtue
Explore all your character strengths to maximize engagement, relationships and well-being.

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What's included
What's included in the Start with Strengths + Total 24 Report Package
  • 7 video lectures on using your strengths to boost well-being
  • Research-based strengths strategies to improve your life
  • Activity handouts to deepen your understanding of strengths practices
  • Your personalized report with in-depth analysis on all 24 character strengths
  • 4 unique perspectives to activate your strengths profile
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most popular
Purchase the Total 24 Report and the Start with Strengths Course together and receive over 15% off.

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What's included
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Get to Know the Real You with a VIA Report

  • Understanding and applying your strengths is a key element in expressing who you are.

  • Your top strengths come naturally and effortlessly and allow you to authentically engage in life experiences.

  • Reflecting on your strengths amplifies your goodness, and offsets the natural human tendency to focus on negative experiences, events and feedback.

  • Knowing your strengths helps you better understand your behaviors, the way you interact with others and operate in the world.

I am very impressed with my Total 24 Report. The insights the Report has given me are helping me to live my best life–a more balanced and happier life.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the VIA Institute on Character?

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the VIA Institute on Character is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the science and practice of character strengths to the world. We do so by creating and validating surveys of character, supporting researchers, and developing practical strengths-based tools for individuals and professionals, such as therapists, managers and educators.

What is the free VIA Survey?

The VIA Character Strengths Survey is the only online, free, research-validated survey of character strengths in the world. It is 96 questions and takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. After completing the survey, you will receive your rank order listing of character strengths from highest to lowest based on which strengths are strongest in you.

What are the benefits of character strengths?

Character strengths are the positive parts of your personality that impact how you think, feel and behave. They shape your unique positive identity, and make you feel authentic, alive and engaged in life. Knowing and applying your strengths is a key element in expressing who you are, creating meaningful connections with other people, overcoming challenges and living a happy, purposeful life.

What is the difference between the free VIA Survey Results and the VIA Reports for purchase?

The VIA Survey is a 96-question personality test. Your free survey results include a rank order listing of your strengths from highest to lowest based on what is strongest in you. But learning your ranking of strengths is just the beginning of knowing your true identity. The in-depth, personalized VIA Reports reveal what your strengths mean about you—and how understanding your positive personality can help you overcome challenges, boost relationships, accomplish goals and find greater happiness.

How will I receive my report?

The Total 24 Report is available as a PDF download immediately after purchase and can be accessed through your secure VIA account at any time.

What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

We feel confident you will find VIA products valuable, but if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund. Refunds are issued based on product purchased. See our Refund Policy for details. Terms of Service