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The Science of Character


Character strengths are described as the capacities humans have for thinking, feeling, and behaving. Specifically, they are the psychological ingredients for displaying virtues or human goodness. VIA  views each person as having a capacity for expressing any of the 24 character strengths in the VIA Classification. Some strengths are easier and more natural for the individual to express (their signature strengths), other strengths arise in particular situations where they are needed (phasic strengths), and other strengths are expressed to a lesser degree or lesser frequency (lesser strengths). Watch now


Character Matters


On September 22, 2016 over 90,000 schools, organizations and communities participated in Character Day and hosted events to discuss the importance of character development. Individuals were encouraged to complete the free VIA Survey to discover their strengths. Watch this video of students of Christchurch, New Zealand celebrating their unique character strengths! Watch now.


Me at My Best


Your character strengths allow you to be your best self. Learning your top strengths and then applying those strengths to your daily life can boost happiness, improve the way you interact with your family, and help you as you pursue hobbies and goals. Learn more with this brief video on how character strengths bring out the best in all of us. Watch now


Your Child At Their Best


It is so important that you, as a parent, nurture your child's best qualities. Knowing your child's character strengths can help you understand what is important to them and how they want to explore their world. This video illustrates how creating an environment that supports and celebrates your child's strengths will allow them to grow into the best version of themselves. Watch now.


Helping Your Child Be Their Best


Research shows that character strengths can help children succeed at school and in life. This video provides an easy, 4-step approach to helping your child become more aware of their strengths and also encouraging them to use their strengths more frequently. Learn how you can link their well-doing with their well-being in this fun video. Watch now.


Podcast on Combining Mindfulness and Character Strengths


Dr. Ryan Niemiec leads VIA's popular online course, Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice. In this podcast he talks with author and workplace change consultant, Michelle McQuaid, about the benefits he is seeing and research is proving when individuals combine mindfulness practices and character strength applications. He reveals two surprising (and exciting) findings coming out of this work and discusses the latest research on the benefits of the flipside of mindfulness- mind wandering. Click track #9 and Listen now!


VIAs' Positive Impact on Allied Health Organization


Allied Heath was facing a crossroads-- employees were burnt out and overworked. The company's CEO, Scott Bautch, looked for tools to energize and re-focus his team and he found the VIA Survey. Watch how making his employees aware of their strengths enhanced their performance and improved the organization. Watch now.


A Character Strengths Revolution


In this presentation, Dr. Neal Mayerson discusses how positive psychology has brought into focus the aspects of our personality that we can mindfully attend to, and subsequently improve our lives and the lives of others. As we attend to what is good in ourselves and in  others, good things happen for us all. Watch now


The Science of Character: Using Brain Science to Raise Student Self-Regulation, Resilience and Respect


In this keynote speech, VIA Institute on Character’s Chairman, Dr. Neal Mayerson describes the history and science behind the VIA character strengths, as well as the importance of focusing on character strengths in educational settings. Watch now


Positive Education with Character Strengths


Jay Sharp wanted to create a classroom culture built around the student's best qualities. Learn how he infused character strength applications into his curriculum and watched the children thrive. Watch now.


LeighAndria Young "6:58" Poem


Leigh Andria Young presents her powerful poem, "6:58", about the moment she received her VIA Survey results and discovered her core self. Watch now


Re-building a Life Through Character Strengths


Rodney Beamon did not have it easy. He'd had a rough life and little hope for the future. Until one day when he was encouraged to take the VIA Survey. Learning his strengths was an eye-opening experience for him and inspired him to change his path. Watch now.


IBM Australia Uses the VIA Survey to Sustain Employee Passion and Engagement


IBM Australia created their Positive Leadership Program with VIA strengths as a key component. They soon realized the growth that can  occur when they supported their employees by allowing them to connect with who they are. Watch now.


Character Strengths Classroom Connection


Shanghai American School integrated VIA character strengths into a daily read-along activity. Children were taught about each of the 24 strengths and how they play out in their lives. Their classroom experiences are more authentic now that they have common language to talk about their best qualities. Watch now.


Newark Boys Chorus School and the VIA Survey


The language of character strengths shifted the way the students and teachers interacted at the Newark Boys Chorus School. They learned how to spot strengths and how to show their appreciation for those strengths. Watch now.



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