The VIA Character
Strengths Survey

Your greatest strengths lie within.

The VIA Survey is the only free, scientific survey of character strengths in the world. Take this simple character test in 15 minutes or less and reveal your greatest strengths.

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For Ages 18+


For Ages 10-17

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Why take the survey?

Millions of people have taken the free VIA survey to discover their greatest strengths so they can use them in their everyday lives. Research shows that using your character strengths can help you:
  • Improve your relationships
  • Enhance your overall wellbeing
  • Build your resilience
  • Strengthen your ability to overcome problems
Research has found that only ⅓ of people have an active awareness of their strengths. Imagine a world where we all knew–and used our strengths to their full potential!
The VIA Survey is a scientifically-validated survey that is regarded as a central tool of positive psychology. It’s been used in hundreds of research studies and taken by over 8 million people in over 190 countries–free, because we believe everyone should be able to harness the power of their most positive traits.

How is a profile report different than the free survey results?

Our free survey helps you understand your character makeup. It lists your greater strengths down to your lesser strengths. A profile report is a deeper, richer, review of your unique strengths constellation and how you can apply your strengths to live a more fulfilling life.