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Become Aware Of Your Strength

Understand what curiosity is all about so you can begin recognizing it in yourself and others.
What is Curiosity?

To be curious is to explore and discover, to take an interest in ongoing experience for its own sake. Curiosity is often described as novelty-seeking and being open to experience, and it’s associated with the natural desire to build knowledge. It is fulfilling to journey toward an answer, to engage in a new experience, or to learn a new fact. To go to a new restaurant, visit a new city, meet a new person in your class, or to conduct an online search for a question can each fulfill your quest for new experiences and new information.

There are two key components to curious individuals: They are interested in exploring new ideas, activities and experiences, and they also have a strong desire to increase their own personal knowledge.

Which virtue is this strength?

Curiosity is a strength within the virtue category of wisdom, one of five virtues that subcategorize the 24 strengths. Wisdom describes strengths that help you gather and use knowledge. The other strengths in Wisdom are creativity, curiosity, judgment, love of learning, and perspective.


Explore and Apply Your Strength


Research findings on the benefits of curiosity found that curiosity is one of the 5 strengths most reliably linked to satisfaction with life. Curiosity is also associated with happiness, health, longevity, and positive social relationships. Learn how to activate this strength and all of your other strengths with your personalized Total 24 Report.