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Never is there a more important time for positive self-awareness than when growing up. With so many changes occurring, knowing your character strengths and how to wield them as a kid can be monumentally beneficial in adapting to the world and helping you become the person you are meant to be. For children, the VIA Youth Report is a fun, engaging way to learn more about the best parts of themselves and how to use them to reach their greatest potential. (For ages 10-17 after completing the VIA Youth Survey). FORMAT: PDF. This report is available for digital download immediately after purchase.

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1-14 reports $10 per
15-99 reports $9 per
100-299 reports $8 per
300-499 reports $7 per
500-999 reports $6 per
1000+ reports $5 per

Everyone is a person of positive character. Discover what makes you uniquely, positively YOU.

Character is plural. Character strengths are not expressed in isolation but in combinations or constellations with one another.

The way you use your unique combination of character strengths is unlike anyone else, making you truly "one-of-a-kind". The key to living your greatest potential is applying your unique strengths to all that you do.

Words From Our Community

  • "I got Youth Decoder Reports for every student in my class this year. Every kid loved getting a "book about them"! I was able to plan lessons around strengths throughout the school year, and it was extremely helpful that each child had guide they could reference to learn more about each strength and explore where it was in their profile."

    • Patricia V.
    • Educator
  • "I purchased the Decoder Report for my son who has learning disabilities. We went through the report together and his eyes lit up as we talked through his highest strengths. I had not seen that much pride in his face in a long time."

    • John P.
    • Financial Consultant
  • "I used my Youth Decoder Report to help me write college essays. It helped me see how my strengths have contributed to all of my accomplishments throughout high school."

    • Josh P.
    • Student
  • The whole report is fun and easy to read. I love the tips for boosting my lesser strengths and the sections with suggested movie, books, songs for my top strengths!