VIA Inventory of Strengths-M (VIA-IS-M) Psychometrics

Strength α
Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence 0.82
Bravery 0.74
Creativity 0.85
Curiosity 0.78
Fairness 0.71
Forgiveness 0.74
Gratitude 0.75
Honesty 0.78
Hope 0.79
Humility 0.69
Humor 0.74
Judgment 0.62
Kindness 0.74
Leadership 0.71
Love 0.85
Love of Learning 0.83
Perseverance 0.80
Perspective 0.80
Prudence 0.74
Self-Regulation 0.72
Social Intelligence 0.76
Spirituality 0.84
Teamwork 0.77
Zest 0.84
M 0.77

VIA Inventory of Strengths-M (VIA-IS-M) Virtue Scale Psychometrics

Six Virtues
Wisdom 0.72
Courage 0.71
Humanity 0.62
Justice 0.68
Temperance 0.68
Transcendence 0.83
M 0.71
Three Virtues
Caring 0.78
Inquisitiveness 0.79
Self-Control 0.75
M 0.78

VIA-IS-M Citation

McGrath, R. E. (2017). Technical report: The VIA Assessment Suite for Adults: Development and evaluation. Cincinnati, OH: VIA Institute on Character.

VIA-IS-M Languages

The VIA-IS-M has been translated into the following languages: English, Arabic*, Armenian*, Chinese-Simplified*, Hebrew*, Korean*, Latvian*, Portuguese (Portugal)* and Spanish*. The languages marked with an asterisk are still considered "in development" because not enough survey takers have completed it to determine if the translation is reliable. Languages without an asterisk have been reviewed and are considered reliable. Researchers should use caution when using a survey translation that has not been reviewed for reliability. If you would like to volunteer to translate the VIA-IS-M, please contact us here.