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Do you work with others in a coaching, counseling, leading, teaching or managing setting? If so, this checklist is for you. Before your next meeting, review this list of 7 tips to make sure you're bringing out the strengths in those that you work with. Dr. Ryan Niemiec and Ruth Pearce delve into these 7 elements of a strengths-based practitioner in the article, The Practice of Character Strengths: Unifying Definitions, Principles, and Exploration of What's Soaring, Emerging, and Ripe with Potential in Science and in Practice.

Discover The Strengths of Your Clients, Students or Employees

Working with others? Invite your clients, students or employees to complete the VIA Survey and get immediate and secure access to their free VIA results by setting up your own unique VIA Pro Site. Get started now and use strengths to help you motivate and lead others.