Authentic Resilience: Bringing Your Strengths to Life | VIA Institute

Can resilience, well-being and happiness be learned? Positive psychologists say YES! As decades of research and hundreds of studies have now shown, people who express their strengths tend to be more resilient, empowered, energized and engaged. This essential book will teach you cutting-edge tools, based on powerful principles, to build your resilience and to flourish.

In the midst of the stress, disappointments, failures, and the chaotic noise of modern life, countless people are choosing resilience over fear. A strengths-focus affirms our untapped potential, rather than the limits of what we can do. Many of us do not know how to leverage our own strengths – much less someone else’s. Since so much attention is heaped on our weaknesses, we tend focus on what’s “wrong”—but the time has come to re-wire and to create our own thriving life—to focus on what’s “strong!”

This book has never been more relevant and more needed! Transformative results await those who dare to lead their life from a place of authenticity. It will bring out the best in you and in those you seek to positively influence.

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Meet the Authors

Fatima Doman
Bestselling Author, Speaker, Executive Coach and CEO of Authentic Strengths Advantage, Fatima Doman has motivated audiences across six continents to leverage their authentic strengths for transformation. One of today’s most influential voices in engagement, well-being and positive change, Doman is passionate about empowering people for sustainable high performance—at work and in life. Her books, Authentic Strengths and True You: Authentic Strengths for Kids have been featured by the Huffington Post, Psychology Today, on TV, Radio, e-learning, and her workshops have been licensed globally. To learn more visit: [](