A Personalized Approach to Well-Being

By Dr. Jillian Coppley (Darwish), Mayerson Academy

Unprecedented. Destabilizing. Cataclysmic. These words fill current headlines and envelop us with anxiety, fear, and sadness. To counterbalance these debilitating emotions, it is empowering to recall the many times individually and collectively, we have previously been significantly tested and emerged successful on the other side.

In the midst of our biggest challenges, it is not uncommon to find rich blessings. This moment is no different. Alongside the troubling headline of the day, we are also shown stories of the bravery, kindness and love evidenced by medical professionals, first responders and many others.

I am appreciative of the generosity of so many positive psychology experts who have offered tools and resources to support well-being during this crisis moment. These general reminders of good practices are useful anytime but are especially important now.

The same can be said of being aware of and activating our signature character strengths. We know that activating the best within us enriches every aspect of our lives in more typical times. In challenging times, our strengths are even more important. Our signature strengths might even suggest a highly effective and personalized approach to our individual well-being. What would work best for you?

After you complete the free VIA Survey to discover your greatest strengths, review the chart below to explore how your character strengths can help you during these challenging times.

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This article was originally published on the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust and Humanity Center website.