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What differentiates VIA character strengths from other strengths?

VIA’s work is about the core or essence of who we are as humans – our character strengths. These positive, core characteristics of our personality are different from strengths of talent (innate abilities), strengths of interest (what we like to do), strengths of skill (proficiencies we develop), and strengths of resources (external supports). While each of these areas of strength are important, it is character strengths that provide a pathway for developing each of these areas. E.g., We use perseverance and self-regulation to pursue a talent in music or sport, hope in developing a new skill for work, curiosity as we explore our interest areas, and gratitude and kindness when we are tapping our resources. Also, it is our strengths of character that we have to turn to when we lose resources, talents, and skills, or when we lose interest in something. 


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