Frequently Asked Questions

How does the VIA Survey differ from other strengths assessments?

VIA is the only online, free, validated, non-proprietary strengths instrument. It measures core character strengths that are universal across all domains – work, relationships, school, social, etc. It is the only validated strengths measure that focuses on individuals expanding their view of who they are.
The VIA Survey measures strengths that have a strong positive (and sometimes moral) bent, while many other personality assessments assess traits that are neutral, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (extroversion/introversion, sensing/intuiting, etc.)
Hundreds of scientists around the globe have used and studied the VIA Survey and the VIA Institute openly shares the survey's psychometric data and research information, and allows any researcher (including students) to use the VIA Survey in their research (for free). Most other strengths assessments  keep psychometric information and other data private so consumers are limited in being able to properly evaluate the measure.


Further questions?

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