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Are there other places where I can read more about your work?

Yes, there are scholarly books and trade books on the topic. The original scholarly book is Character Strengths and Virtues (2004), by Drs. Chris Peterson and Martin Seligman, which is the main text on the development, criteria, and characteristics of each of the 24 strengths in the VIA Classification. In addition, most positive psychology textbooks devote at least one chapter to character strengths, as well as chapters discussing specific strengths (e.g., gratitude, kindness, courage/bravery, and so forth). The trade book, Authentic Happiness (2002) by Dr. Seligman is the first book to discuss the development of the VIA work. Dr. Niemiec, VIA Education Director, has two books that offer the latest research and best practices for character strengths, as well as the integration of character strengths with select topics. These books are Mindfulness and Character Strengths and Positive Psychology at the Movies.


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